The goal of post reunification care is to provide the family with a neutral place to discuss, with a counselor, how the family is doing since reuniting. The family will be working within a solution-focused approach—meaning the FRC counselor addresses concerns specific and unique to the family—and works with the entire family to continue keeping the child(ren) safe, communication open and parenting behavior appropriate.

During intensive case management, the parents and child(ren) had multiple persons and agencies in their life telling them what to do. The post reunification care is a form of relapse prevention to celebrate family accomplishments and allow the family to continue focusing on rebuilding and preserving the family, regardless of living arrangements.

This form of "aftercare" is designed to help parents identify their family strengths and make a plan for the future. The family also receives guidance in identifying community support systems as well as support within their own circle of family and friends that will help them maintain their family.

Post Reunification Care