Supportive Visitation takes a family-centered approach that keeps children safe and improves family communication.

Supervised Visitation provides a neutral setting so that non-custodial parents can interact with their child(ren) and focus on re-establishing or enhancing their relationship.​

Semi-Supervised Visitation put parents on the path to having regular visits with their child(ren). 

Visitation is a visitation process designed to allow for the least restrictive contact with parents while ensuring the safety of the child(ren). 

Re-Integration Support helps families re-establishing relationships when parents have had prolonged absence from a child's life.

Post Reunification Care is provided once children are reunited with their family and is designed to prevention inappropriate behavioral relapses. 

Family Exchanges provides families that need a neutral setting for children to be exchanged between parents who are no longer living together.

There are fees associated with services recieved at Family Resource Connection(FRC), but no family is denied service due to inability to pay. In certain cases, a sliding fee scale is utilized.

Family Services