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How We Help

To save a child, you must save the parent. Keeping a child connected to the parent gives the child a better chance to succeed in life.

It is frightening for children when they are separated from their family and parents find navigating the court system a confusing place. However, changes in local agencies and a decrease in government funding has limited the services available to displaced children and their families in St. Johns, Putnam and Clay counties.

For many families, Family Resource Connection (FRC) is the “light at the end of the tunnel” during this difficult time. At any of the three locations, families can receive guidance, information and instructions that will help them fulfill requirements of their court ordered case plan so they can improved their lives and the be reunited with their children.

Why Donate?

The programs at FRC are administered by individuals who have specialized education and training in counseling or mental health therapies. Providing families with these types of necessary services are costly. On average, a family uses the services of FRC for six to nine months and any services fees paid by the clients typically do not cover the complete cost of their treatement.

We strive to educate, connect, reunite and preserve families and give children suffering from maltreatment a chance at a better future.