We're different because Family Resource Connection (FRC) is in service to the court and makes no recommendations; therefore, we are not employed by the plaintiff, the defendant or any other community or government agency. We provide unbias reporting. What that means is we aim to preserve the family in a form that is safest for the child while considering the needs of all individuals in the family.

FRC is a powerful partner for you. Our family-centered approach provides unbiased observations and helps you complete your court ordered requirements so that your family can continue to communicate and be involved in each others lives, regardless of living arrangements.

Working With Us
Families involved in the court system can request to work with us or you may be assigned to us by the court. An FRC specialist meets with each parent individually, and the child(ren) if they are old enough, when you come to FRC for services.

Each family has a unique plan developed for them based on their needs and any court requirements. Our "one of kind" process allows parents to take ownership of this time and use it as an opportunity for growth and learning.

How We're Different