Family Resource Connection (FRC) is a non-profit organization that answers the complex needs of children suffering from maltreatment and separated from their families due to chemical dependency, abuse, neglect and divorce.​

​We believe that every child has the right to spend quality time with their parents without being placed in the middle of conflict. We are partners with the Courts and act as a neutral, third party to ease the anxiety that children go through when separated from their parents. Our centers provide a safe haven for children and eliminates the need for extended family members or friends feeling as if they have to choose a side.

Open since 2008, the dedicated staff at FRC strives to keep children safe by preserving the family through case plan management services and parent mentoring workshops.

​​Through our services and programs we seek to minimize child displacement by providing reunification and preservation services that strengthen and support family relationships in a caring, non-judgmental setting: Our programs help:

  • create connections between family members that provide children with the love and support they need to grow up and become productive, healthy, happy adults
  • educate children and parents on how to communicate in non-violent ways
  • preserve family relationships, when possible, regardless of living arrangements

About Us

At Family Resource Connection
​(FRC) our mission is to advocate
for the safety of maltreated,
neglected children by providing
family services that protect their
interest and future emotional,
physical and psychological well-being.